Hallo! I am the nation of Hungary, or Elizaveta Hédérvary if you would prefer. I thought I'd make a blog on this website after finding that it appealed to quite a few of my interests. Don't mind the frying pan, I only hit idiots, so don't act stupid and we'll get along just fine~! Feel free to ask me anything! ((Independant Hetalia ask-blog))

Relationship Status: All relationships AU

M!A: None!

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With Frying Pans and Justice for all!
Anonymous: M!anon! Hungary is pregnant with Prussia's child!! >:D

((I don’t do pregnancy M!As, sorry! ^.^’))

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PruHun asks/requests are open!

((I suck and accidentally deleted the original post oops ;;A;;))

Anonymous: Have you two kissed yet~? -erzekenynomad

Uh…. no?

Anonymous: Which song was better this year: 'Is It Right?' by Elaiza or 'Running' by Andras Kallay Sunders?

"Is it Right?", definitely.

((We will be in cosplay a little while longer so keep sending questions and requests!))

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Anonymous: Between you and Prussia, who protects who when you two are faced with enemies?

We cover watch other’s backs, otherwise what’s the point in being a team?

Anonymous: ((is gaysymmetry actually your bf?))

((Gaysymmetry: well you see, when a girl and a boy like each other a lot they like to stand on their toes, making loud obnoxious noise much like a goose and the female tends to flap her arms around wildly while the male tends to kick his legs in the air. it can sometimes go horribly wrong and the male can embarrass himself and fall over making the female disgusted and causing the male to fail his mating experience. however, if the female has mercy she may laugh at him and join him on the ground and that is when the ritual is complete. so the moral of the story is that i embarrassed myself and she laughed at me and yes we are dating.))

littlemisslemondrop: What do you two like to do together? (AND I DON'T MEAN SEX, GIL.)

… Compete.

Though we also like to watch movies and play video games.

Anonymous: haha u sugg :-DDDDD -T. Romania

ask-blogger-miss-prussia: Don't lie Hungary ewe i've seen you two kiss all the time uwu

ask-cosplay-2pgermany: Why was the werewolf arrested at the butchers shop ? He was caught chop lifting !

((Hey friends, we’re gonna go see a movie but keep sending asks, we’ll be back in a little while!))

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ameliaf-jones: in the scale to 1 to 10 how much you love gilbert?


Is there a zero on that scale?

Anonymous: wheres gilbird?

PruHun Event!

Hey guys! gaysymmetry and I are going to get into cosplay later and have a PruHun event since I recently reached 2000 followers! Start sending any requests and questions you may have!